[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit
[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit

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[GB] Type K Keyboard Kit

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Tenting without having to go outside

Introducing the Type K Keyboard: A 3-Year Journey from Concept to Reality! Gok's  latest masterpiece is the tented Alice layout board with simple stylings -  contrasting the incredible amount of design work and finesse that has gone into the makings of it.

This small 60% package packs in a heap of features, such as a lightbar and even your choice of wrist rest material.

Pick up extra parts here!

  • Tenting Angle: 7.0°
  • Case Angle: 4.5°
  • Materials: Aluminium Top, Dark-dyed Polycarbonate Bottom and Stainless-steel
  • weight
  • Mounting method: Grommet mount
  • Plate: 1.5mm aluminium full and half plates, polycarbonate full plate options.
  • LEDS: Indicator LED bound to Caps Lock & Function layers. LED modules for feature lighting
  • PCB: Designed by Gondolindrum with USB-C daughterboard - configurable with QMK/VIA
  • Both solderable PCB and hotswap PCB have the same compatibility.
  • Type-K main Keyboard
  • Pair of plates
  • Full set of PCB(Comes with 1 x daughterboard, 1 x JST cable and 1x FPC cable)
  • LED modules
  • Wristrest
  • Wristrest bumper pads
  • custom Grommets(12 of each hardness in total of 3 colors)
  • Custom feet(4 for main keyboard, 4 for wristrest, 2 extra)
  • 3U Cherry style Stabilizer wires
  • Type-K carrying case
  • Pair of plate foams
  • M3 x 5 countersunk hex screws
  • M2.5 x 8 socket hex screws
  • M2.5 x 18 socket hex screws
  • M2 x 4 Phillips daughterboard screws
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ASIA & Rest of the world: TypePlus


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