Important Notices
Cancellation Policy

Please ensure your order is correct as cancelling orders is no longer allowed. 

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GMK Botanical Fulfilment 

We have fulfilled the majority of our GMK Botanical R2 orders except for those with Rama artisans, we are yet to receive these.

Due to ongoing complications, Daily Clack alongside the other vendors for GMK Botanical have placed a new order with HIBI to get the artisans produced and delivered to customers. Our customers are entitled to a product and this change in manufacturer will not incur any extra costs.
The current ETA is March 2024. 

If you'd like to have your order shipped now and pay shipping for the artisan at a later date, please reach out to support.

[April 2024] 
Incoming GMK Arrivals to Daily Clack
  • GMK Fleuriste
  • GMK Cubed
  • GMK Rogue
  • GMK WoB Essentials
  • GMK Bordeaux
  • GMK Vamp
  • GMK Universe
  • GMK Crimson Cadet
  • GMK Kaiju
  • GMK Alter Redux
  • GMK Beige Addon
  • GMK Vaporwave
  • GMK Abyssal

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Fulfilment Schedule

[April 2024]
Preparing to Fulfil 
  • KAT Space Dust
  • GMK Bordeaux
  • GMK Vamp
  • GMK Universe
  • DCS Guardian
  • DCS Soware
  • MW Fuyu - Deskmat Delay
  • KAT Great Waves - Artisan Delay
  • KAT Crusader - Deskmat Delay
  • KAM Superuser - Delayed / Pending fix kits from Keyreative
Recently Finished
GMK Orange Boi  GMK Indigo GMK Blossom GMK Nimbus GMK Cream Matcha GMK Bingsu
MTNU GMK Arctic GMK Tenshi GMK Terror GMK Mictlan GMK Cinder
GMK Marmoreal GMK Hineybeige GMK RGBY GMK Yütousu GMK Frost Witch R2 GMK Gladiator
GMK Galaxy GMK Purpleish
KAT Mizu KAM 80s

If you haven't received your order or a shipping notification for the above sets in the "Finished Fulfilment" section, please raise a ticket via the Support Portal!

March Container

Items in Container to Daily Clack - 
ePBT Hellas ePBT Rin ePBT Brutalist
KAM Bouquet

Please note that these items have been sent via Sea Freight, and will require additional time to arrive in Australia. For example, KBDFans is closer to the manufacturer and operates on a different schedule to Daily Clack.  

Goods are constantly being sent to Daily Clack. If your item is not in this list, it DOES NOT MEAN IT ISN'T IN TRANSIT; it is likely being sent separately and not in the container. 

Known Delays

  • GMK Botanical - Rama Keycap Delay
  • GMK Purple Night - Salvun Keycap Delay
  • GMK Oblivion v3.1 - Salvun Keycap Delay
  • GMK Monochrome R2 - Rama and Deskmat Delay
  • GMK Jags - Rama Keycap Delay
  • GMK Houhai - Rama Keycap Delay
  • GMK Stargaze - Rama Keycap Delay
  • SA Copper - Salvun Delay
  • KAM Ocean Front - Deskmat Delay
  • GMK Pharaoh - Artisian Delay
  • GMK Harvest - Asero Delay
  • ePBT Sniper - Deskmat Delay
  • ePBT Camo - Deskmat Delay
  • ePBT Solaria - Salvun Delay
  • GMK Foundation - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Houhai - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Jags - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Monochrome R2 - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Shashin - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Lazurite - Artisan Delay
  • GMK Iceberg - Asero Artisan Cap
  • DCS Blue Moon - Asero Artisan Delay
  • MW Voynich - Asero Artisan Delay
  • GMK Arch - Asero Artisan Delay
  • GMK Lychee - Deskmats
  • GMK Agent 01 - Deskmats
  • GMK Moonlight - Deskmats / Rama Artisans / Asero Artisans are unfulfilled 

Where To Find Keycap Updates 

For the most accurate and updated information, please refer to the updates provided by the Lead Vendors.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would love to get back to 100% capacity, but until then, we'll do our best to get your order to you!