ePBT X Gok Kuro/Shiro R3

We received our order for ePBT X Gok Kuro/Shiro R3 however there are flaws with the keycaps.
All GB and PO participants will receive an email with some options regarding your purchase.
We apologise for the delays.


GMK Striker R2

These Keycaps are in transit to Daily Clack and have not arrived yet. 
We will send an update via email notification closer to the fulfilment date. 
(Updated ETA: Early December)

KAT Refined Group Buy

We received our KAT Refined shipment from ZF, however our shipment has been flipped.
All Black on White and White on Black numbers have been swapped meaning we do not have enough to cover GB orders.

ZF are aware of the issues and we are in the process of working with them for a resolution.

New Cancellation Policy (25/08/2022)


Where To Find Keycap Updates 

For the most accurate and updated information, please refer to the updates provided by the Lead Vendors.

What's shipping this week (28/11/2022)

In progress 
  • Instock orders from sale
  • GMK Arch
  • GMK Yeeti
  • KN01 Knobs
  • Stay Creative Deskmats
  • DMK Ghost
    Finished shipping groupbuys
    • GMK Iceberg (except for orders with artisans)
    • MW Retro Lights
    • Yakyu Bushi Deskmat
    • SA Espresso
    • MW Demon Girl
    • KDS Airborne

    If you haven't received your order or shipping notification for the above sets in the "Finishing Shipping" section, please send us an email!

    [November Update] KBDFans Item Currently In-Transit to the Daily Clack Warehouse (No ETA)

    • ePBT Kuro Shiro R3
    • PBTFans Basin
    • PBTfans Deep Sea Predator
    • ePBT Soju
    • ePBT Simple Ja 2
    • PBT Fans Classic Hangul
    • D60 Lites - Camo
    • ePBT Scandi [Pending Confirmation]
    • ePBT Winter Breath [Pending Confirmation]
    • ePBT BOW Hangul [Pending Confirmation]

    Please note that these items have been sent via Sea Freight, and will require additional time to arrive in Australia.  KBDFans is closer to the manufacturer and operates on a different schedule to Daily Clack.  


    As of Mid February, Australia Post has suspended Economy, Standard and Express letter and parcel services to Russia. This is due to recent customs changes in Moscow and limited air capacity. If you believe your order is impacted please reach out to us via our support channels.


    Unfortunately, due to border closures, some countries have restricted and even completely stopped accepting deliveries from overseas. We advise you check the link below to see if we can currently ship your order to you.



    Everything come out of GMK is behind schedule. We're currently at least six months behind in the production line. This means sets that are set to be produced (in a chronological order) are delayed by at least six months. This is due to COVID closures and strain on the supply line.

    There is light at the end of the GMK tunnel in that they have more machines coming, and they should be able to triple output.

    Statement from Keyreative:
    "Overall, we will still be seeing delays for past GB sets, and keyreative is investing in catching up. Doubleshot is in the works and Keyreative has analyzed 2-3 sets that they would suggest switching to it currently. We together with Keyreative's holder will reach out to vendors and designers to discuss if it is possible to switch to doubleshot, if both parties cannot agree on switching, the design will remain using dye-sub.

    KAM profile is more friendly with dye-subbing and a lot more controllable. But the delays with KAT will affect the KAM timeline as well.
    With discussion with keyreative, their current report on the new machine is making positive progress: color difference from batch to batch and legends misalignment issue is much easier to control."

    Essentially this means there's light at the end of the tunnel, however, it's safe to assume that every Keyreative set is well behind schedule.

    Original statement from Keyreative

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would love to get back to 100% capacity, but until then, we'll do our best to get your order to you!