To celebrate the warehouse upgrade and unblocking by Trend Micro, we've got a 10% discount code for all in stock switches as well as a free upgrade to express shipping (including DHL) on orders over $250 AUD. In stock deskmats are also being run at our GB price of $27 for this week only.

Code above is valid until the 28th of January. Free upgrade is valid if you just pay standard shipping. We'll boost your shipping to express at no extra charge!

Please understand that due to demand week long delays for shipping should be expected.

Thank you for all your support!

Working on clearing the backlog during Switchpocalypse. Hoping to be back to full speed soon. There's a few GBs arriving, so we'll get to those once we're up to date.


We would like to say thank you for your understanding while the Daily Clack team took a little time off during the holiday season.

As we are returning back to work, we are working through a few items that arrived while we have been shut. This means that the list below is being processed and shipped in no particular order:

GMK Botanical
GMK Moondust
GMK Noel
OA Stabilisers
8008 Inks
Moss Switches
Big ol' bunch of deskmats!

While we make our way through these shipments, the first thing that we're processing through are the Prophet orders - the majority are done!

Now with that being said there are a few group buys which are delayed.

Everything come out of GMK is behind schedule. We're currently at least 2 months behind in the production line. This means sets that are set to be produced (in a chronological order) are delayed by at least 2 months. This is due to COVID closures and strain on the supply line.

There is light at the end of the GMK tunnel in that they have more machines coming, and they should be able to triple output.

Statement here (in Chinese) Translation below
Overall, we will still be seeing delays for past GB sets, and keyreative is investing in catching up. Doubleshot is in the works and Keyreative has analyzed 2-3 sets that they would suggest switching to it currently. We together with Keyreative's holder will reach out to vendors and designers to discuss if it is possible to switch to doubleshot, if both parties cannot agree on switching, the design will remain using dye-sub.

KAM profile is more friendly with dye-subbing and a lot more controllable. But the delays with KAT will affect the KAM timeline as well.
With discussion with keyreative, their current report on the new machine is making positive progress: color difference from batch to batch and legends misalignment issue is much easier to control.

Essentially this means there's light at the end of the tunnel, however, it's safe to assume that every Keyreative set is well behind schedule.


This is a once in a lifetime global pandemic. It's quite hard to plan around something like this as it doesn't happen often.
What this means is that everything is delayed across the board. All manufacturing is delayed. To break it down, China still has to produce the plastic, which then has to ship to GMK before GMK can make the keysets. Apply this to everything, switches, lubricants, stabilisers and you get the picture.


Unfortunately, due to border closures, some countries have restricted and even completely stopped accepting deliveries from overseas.

We advise you check the link below to see if we can currently ship your order to you.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would love to get back to 100% capacity, but until then, we'll do our best to get your order to you!