Daily Clack Updates - 02 July

Daily Clack will be away until the 29th of July. That means that orders from the 5th will be delayed by 3 weeks.

So, be sure to get your order in now if you can't wait!

To make up for the temporary closure, Daily Clack would like to offer everyone some discounts, if you're happy to wait.

Now, please ensure that you understand these discount codes are only for in-stock items, any item marked [GB] or [Pre-Order] are not included. If you use the codes on these items, you will receive an invoice for shipping once Daily Clack is back.

Discount Codes
$5 off your order - COMEBACKBBY
Free standard domestic shipping on orders over $50 - DCBACKSOON
Free standard international shipping on orders over $100 - DCHASGONEAWAY

No code needed
Free upgrade to Express post for domestic orders if you pay for standard shipping
Free upgrade to DHL Express for international shipping on orders over $100 if you pay for standard shipping

 Valid from the 5th to the 29th

 You will be able to contact us via the Daily Clack Discord

You can join by clicking here.

Or, you can use the embedded guest login below

Just add a guest name in the right hand text field and hit enter to view. You may need to rotate your phone if on mobile.