Important Notice

Order Cancellation Glitch

The team is working with the new warehouse to migrate orders over to a new system. Orders we plan on fulfilling soon are being migrated; you might get a cancellation email or noticed your order has been cancelled. 

This is a system glitch and we are working to solve it for future order fulfilment. We will still send you your order and have a recreated copy of the original order in our system.

Warehouse Move

We will be moving our Sydney Warehouse down to Melbourne starting the 1st February.

As a result please expect delays of 2-3 weeks in orders going out whilst everything is moved down and prepared at the new warehouse.

Fulfilment Schedule

[March 2023] Preparing to Fulfil
  • Crin
  • Box75
  • Monokei Kage
  • NK87 Darkshake
  • GMK Redline
  • GMK Lazurite
  • Gmk Shashin
  • Gmk Peaches N Cream Lite
  • KAT Refined + Replacement Kits
  • ePBT Kuro Shiro + Replacement Kits
  • GMK Analog Dreams R2
  • GMK Red Dragon
  • GMK British RG
  • GMK Nord 
  • DSS Lights-Out R2
  • DSS Lightcycle
Finished Fulfilment
If you haven't received your order or a shipping notification for the above sets in the "Finished Fulfilment" section, please raise a ticket via the Support Portal!

February Container Update

Items in Container to Daily Clack - Arriving Late February / Early March
JTK HSA KAM 80s Zoom65 R2 EE
Zoom TKL EE Jris65 Hope75
ePBT Aesthetic  ePBT Hangul
Alumizu WS Camping Aurora x Camping
ePBT 3000SAT ePBT Sniper  ePBT Dreamscape Cables
KAT Mizu*** KAM Command***   KAM Ocean Front***

***These products are being sent together in the same shipment. Additional time is needed as we wait for Keyreative to arrange all of Daily Clack's goods for Sea Shipping.

Please note that these items have been sent via Sea Freight, and will require additional time to arrive in Australia. For example, KBDFans is closer to the manufacturer and operates on a different schedule to Daily Clack.  

Goods are constantly being sent to Daily Clack. If your item is not in this list, it DOES NOT MEAN IT ISN'T IN TRANSIT; it is likely being sent separately and not in the container. 


Known Delays

[GB] Phoenix TKL  - PCB Related Delay  

PCBs are being manufactured. No ETA at this stage. 

[GB] ePBT BoW Hangul  - Keycap Replacements  

Replacement Keycaps have completed production. Order has been picked up from KBDFans. 

[GB] ePBT 3000SAT - Keycap Replacements 

Replacement Keycaps are in production. We are in the process of picking these up from KBDFans. 

[GB] GMK Foundation  - Rama Artisans 

These Artisans have not arrived yet. 

[GB] GMK Agent 01 - Deskmats

These deskmats have not arrived yet. 

[GB] GMK Lychee - Deskmats

These deskmats have not arrived yet. 

[GB] GMK Dualshot - Deskmats

These deskmats have not arrived yet. 

[GB] GMK Arch - Asero Artisan Cap

These Artisans have not arrived yet.  

[GB] MW Voynich - Asero Artisan Cap

These Artisans have not arrived yet.  

[GB] DCS Blue Moon - Asero Artisan Cap

These Artisans have not arrived yet.  

[GB] GMK Iceberg - Asero Artisan Cap

These Artisans have not arrived yet.  

[GB] DCS Blue Moon

Orders containing Deskmats / Hibi Artisans / Keybee Artisans are unfulfilled.

[GB] GMK Moonlight

Orders containing Deskmats / Rama Artisans / Asero Artisans are unfulfilled. 

[GB] Matrix 3.0

Update 28/02/23
Missing items are pending arrival. ETA - Early March.


Orders with the following items are unfulfilled. 

  • Extra top
  • Screen Daughterboard pack
  • LED Daughterboard pack
Waiting on replacement plates to arrive. Matrix is shipping these to us by the 17th.
[GB] Coarse60 

We received these keyboards, however, they were all B to C stock. 
These boards have been sent back to the manufacture and are being remade.  

ePBT X Gok Kuro/Shiro R3

Update (Feburary 2023): Replacements should be completed around March 2023. 
We received our order for ePBT X Gok Kuro/Shiro R3 however there are flaws with the keycaps. Replacements are being made and Q1 2023 is the ETA provided from KBDFans.

KAT Refined

Update (January 2023): Correct kits for KAT Refined have completed production and are in transit to Daily Clack.

Update (November 2022): We received our KAT Refined shipment from ZF, however our shipment has been flipped.
All Black on White and White on Black numbers have been swapped meaning we do not have enough to cover GB orders.

ZF are aware of the issues and we are in the process of working with them for a resolution.


Where To Find Keycap Updates 

For the most accurate and updated information, please refer to the updates provided by the Lead Vendors.


New Cancellation Policy

Unsure if you're eligible to cancel your order?
Please read through the current Cancellation Policy: 


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would love to get back to 100% capacity, but until then, we'll do our best to get your order to you!