This is a once in a lifetime global pandemic. It's quite hard to plan around something like this as it doesn't happen often.
What this means is that everything is delayed across the board. All manufacturing is delayed. To break it down, China still has to produce the plastic, which then has to ship to GMK before GMK can make the keysets. Apply this to everything, switches, lubricants, stabilisers and you get the picture.
Shipping timeline
Peaches n Cream project - 17.04.2020
Crimson Cadet project - 20.05.2020
GMK Cafe project - 28.05.2020
First Love project - 28.04.2020
Sandstorm project - 30.04.2020
9009 R3 Standard project - 14.05.2020
Camping R2 project - 15.05.2020

Pretty in Pink kit - 19.05.2020
9009 R3 Numbers kit - 19.05.2020
Camping R2 base kit - 29.05.2020
GMK Cafe Base Kit - 29.06.2020
Crimson Cadet base kit - 03.06.2020
GMK Firefly Base Kit - 10.06.2020
Sets not listed here are delayed and behind these ones

These are shipping dates from GMK to Daily Clack

Daily Clack has grown far greater than we ever expected

This means that some changes have to be made to ensure that moving forward, we can continue to offer the service we do.

For our sake, and the ability to keep orders going out on a regular and timely basis, we have to stop chain orders.

If you order something today, and then another order a couple of hours later, we will not be consolidating your order.

This means that your item will be shipped as two packages.

If you would like to have your order shipped with a few things and have already placed an order, please contact us by emailing: support@dailyclack.com

When we have the time, we can edit your order and add items to it. Thank you for your understanding 


We are limiting our exposure to each other, as well as our customers. We have decided to operate with limited contact with each other. This means that our shipping ability isn't 100% completely functional.

To break this down, we are still shipping GB items as they arrive. In stock items are being sent out at least once a week, when we can get all the items together. 

Our current GB pipeline is:
GMK 8008 > Hiragana WoB > SA Bliss


Unfortunately, due to border closures, some countries have restricted and even completely stopped accepting deliveries from overseas.

We advise you check the link below to see if we can currently ship your order to you.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would love to get back to 100% capacity, but until then, we'll do our best to get your order to you!