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Light and functionable; the Snagpad is an excellent numpad kit

To many people the Snagpad can represent different things:

Whether you're looking for a kit to practice your soldering, or you've dropped the conventional full size keyboard layout, the Snagpad has you covered.

While it has two layouts, the most common layout for this kit is the numpad. However, if you're after an ortholinear macro-pad, the Snagpad does that as well.

Simply ensure that you program the Pro-Micro via the QMK configurator to the layout that best suits you!

Ultimately it's a simple, functioning numpad kit, that is light weight and doesn't take up too much space. When not in operation, the Snagpad can easily be put away.

Compatible with QMK or VIA

Comes with
Top & Bottom Plates
PCB made by Don of The Board Podcast

Soldering Iron & Solder
2u Stabiliser

How to build your Snagpad - Shout out to Don at The Board Podcast!