GMK Screw-in Stabilisers

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GMK Screw-in Stabilisers

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This batch was delivered in November 2019 and are Re-Tooled

These stabilisers are held in place with a screw, preventing the stabiliser from moving and wobbling against the PCB. This keeps the stabilisers stable while reducing the noise.

Some users do say that these stabs need to be clipped, though we haven't felt that these required clipping.

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Each GMK Screw-in stabiliser 60% kit comes with

4*2u Stabiliers

1*6.25u Stabiliser

10 Screws

10 washers


Additional stabilisers can be ordered

If you want a 7u wire with a 60% kit put it in the notes

These are PCB mounted stabilisers


Instructions for attaching screw-in stabilisersThe feet on GMK Screw-in Stabilisers

1. Slide the feet into the big stabiliser holes on the PCB

Inserting GMK Screw-in Stabilisers to PCB

2. Press the back of the feet into the smaller holes

GMK Screw-in Stabiliser affixed to PCB

3. Flip over PCB and screw in screws, repeat for other side of stabiliser

GMK Screw-in Stabilisers scred into PCB