[Pre-Order] Project Keyboard Alice PCB Rev 2
[Pre-Order] Project Keyboard Alice PCB Rev 2


[Pre-Order] Project Keyboard Alice PCB Rev 2

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Wildly popular yet polarising, Alice layout keyboards are here to stay.

Project Keyboard is producing another round of Alice PCBs compatible with the TGR Alice and Alice clones  If you're looking to refresh your build be sure to pick up a new plate and PCB!

Please Note: The USB C variety is NOT compatible with existing Alice layout keyboards.

Alice compatible PCB
Powered by ARM MCU
QMK programmable
Underglow soldered
In-switch LED support
MX & ALPS support
USB mini or USB C (USB C is bottom mounted)
Red Soldermask
Indicator lights (LEDs included)

GB End - December 22nd
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2020

Not in Australia?
Project Keyboard (North America)

What do I need to complete this build?
PCB mount stabilisers (found here), switches (found here), keycaps (found here), and a case (not on Daily Clack).

Though not essential, a plate is recommended (Daily Clack doesn't stock those... yet)