[GB] Phoenix Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Phoenix Keyboard Kit - Extras
PCB + JST + Daughterboard ***SOLD OUT***

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[GB] Phoenix Keyboard Kit - Extras

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Phoenix Keyboard Kit Extras:

Phoenix Keyboard Kit Extras

Estimated Shipping Q4 2022

From the ashes rises Phoenix!

Featuring a beautiful curved side profile, Phoenix evokes a feeling of elegant luxury.

The board features a carefully thought out ground-up implementation of a sandwich gasket mounting system. It has been engineered to keep the typing feel not only consistent across the whole board but also make it one of the most pleasant experiences in keyboards.

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GB Ends 25 March
Estimated Shipping Q4 2022

F13 Tenkeyless layout
Sandwich gasket mount
USB Type-C w/ universal daughterboard support
PCB with south facing stabiliser support
Semi-seamless design with thin bezels
6.5° typing angle
20.3mm front height
4kg built with brass base, 2kg with Alu base

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