HS60 PCB (V3)
HS60 PCB (V3)
HS60 PCB (V3)
HS60 PCB (V3)
HS60 PCB (V3)


HS60 PCB (V3)

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HS60 Layout:ANSI

Estimated shipping date: March

Hot-swappable, with in-switch RGB LEDs, the HS60 really is the 60% PCB that does it all.

*PCBs will be matte black and fit standard 60% cases

Yiancar and mechboards.co.uk are back with another round of the HS60.


The third installment to the HS60 - A hot-swappable, per key RGB PCB - aims to be your one and only 60% PCB.

Featuring a USB C port rather than a USB Mini, this PCB aims to resolve previous rounds' LED issues, as well as offers pins for underglow.

Like last time, there's three different layouts, ANSI, ISO, & HHKB (also WKL).

In-switch RGB LEDs
Underglow pins
ANSI, ISO, HHKB (WKL) layouts
ARM Processor
Fully assembled (soldering not required)
Configurable via config.qmk.fm
Matte black PCB
USB C port

GB End - August 31st
Estimate Shipping - November 2019

Not in Australia?
Europe - Order from mechboards.co.uk
Canada - Order from mechkeys.ca
United States - Link coming soon!

What do I need to complete this build?
PCB mount stabilisers (found here), switches (found here), keycaps (found here), and a case (not on Daily Clack).

Though not essential, a plate is recommended (Daily Clack doesn't stock those... yet)

Q: What happened to the upside down esc and 1 keys?
A: It’s due to the placement of the USB connector following the universal GH60 standard. The hotswap sockets can’t fit otherwise!

Q: Does it have underglow?
A: No, as the power draw for all the in-switch LED’s is quite high already. There are exposed pins to add underglow RGB strips, but this is experimental and up to the user.

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