Gazzew Boba U4t Tactile Switches

Gazzew Boba U4t Tactile Switches

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Long awaited U4t are genuinely available in Australia!

U4T now available in the standard and RGB variants!

Building off of the success of the Boba line up, comes Gazzew's latest iteration - the pure tactile U4t.

Featuring the same housing and Korean springs from other boba switches, these tactiles have a pronounced, yet smooth bump. This is thanks to the factory lubed leaf - only the leaf is factory lubed, the railings are dry in case you wanted to apply more lubricant.

Photo credit to RTC

62g / 68g
5 pin
Through hole LED compat.

RGB Variant Details 
New Pearl White base
Transparent Top Housing
5 pin
Only supports SMD lights

All parts sold in packs of 10