[GB] Flame60 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Aluminium Plate ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Flame60 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Fr4 Plate ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Flame60 Keyboard Kit - Extras
PC Plate ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Flame60 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Brass Weight ***SOLD OUT***

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[GB] Flame60 Keyboard Kit - Extras

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Flame60 Extras:

Flame60 Extras

Estimated Shipping Q4 2022

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Sharp and snappy design encloses a gasket mounted plate bringing you the typing experience you've always dreamed of. With not a single curve in the Flame's design language the brutal straight lines keep it clean and precise.

6063 aluminum
6.5° degree typing angle
PCB: QMK/VIA Compatible, Daughter Board Type C design
Gasket mount (poron gaskets)
3.5MM dampener between plate and PCB
1.5-2MM bottom case dampener

Top, bottom case (aluminum anodized+e finishes)
Middle frame Brass+sand blasted finish
Bottom plate (brass+sand blast)
Hardware and fixturing

GB End - 14 January
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2022

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