[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit
[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit
[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit
[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit
[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit

Community Designed

[GB] Coarse60 Keyboard Kit

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Coarse60 Keyboard Kit:Black
Plate Material:Aluminium Plate

Estimated shipping Q2 2022

An intro to Alice layout

Pick up your Extra plates and PCBs here!

Have you ever wanted to try this more ergonomic, semi-split design? The Alice layout is one that has found its place as a staple in the community. We are delighted to be able to offer you this affordable entry to the ergo world as the Alice layout is the halfway point between a standard board and a split!

Keeping it custom the Coarse60 utilises leaf-spring mounting for a softened typing feel as the entire plate shifts with each keypress. Its simplified rectangular design lets the intentional design elements really shine. 

Group buy end - 7 November
Estimated Shipping - Q2 2022

6.9° Typing angle
Aluminium case
Aluminium or white POM Plate
QMK & VIA compatible
USB-C connection
Leaf-spring mount

 Case colours : Black/White/Navy
Plate materials: Aluminium, White POM
Hotswap PCB
Silicone Bumpons
Rubber O-rings and Screws

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