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Extra parts for the 7V keyboard

There's no need to limit yourself to just one layout, get these extras to go with your 7V kit.

Anodised black is used for the Aluminium Plate, while smokey grey is used for PC plates. All plates come with extra poron plates.

Poly-carbonte flex plate has flex cuts.

You can also pick up the PVD coated weight and PVD Logo here!

Grab your 7V Keyboard Kit here

Designed by wilba.tech
Pre-programmed QMK & Via compatible

1.5mm plate
Poly-Carbonate stiff & flex options - grey
Aluminium - black anodised

GB End - 1 May
Estimate Shipping - Q3 2020

Not in Australia?
NovelKeys (North America)
MyKeyboardEU (Europe)
Deskeys (Asia)

Poly-Carbonate Plate
Aluminium Plate
PVD Weight
PVD Logo

QC Expectations Extras
There will be visible machining marks on the non-exposed faces of the weight and logo parts and may also contain micro scratches that should not be visible unless looking closely under certain light
There will be visible machining marks on the engraving of the weight. This is the nature of having a large and deep engraving on polished parts and is not considered a defect
There maybe some spots and discoloring on the PVD that can only be seen under harsh light and certain viewing angles

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