7V Keyboard Kit

7V Keyboard Kit

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2020's most desired keyboard - Gok's 7V

After what feels like an eternity in the pipeline, the 7V 75% keyboard GB is ready to be run.

Featuring a dampened plate, and a leaf spring mounted PCB, this kit is a masterpiece and a must own for any mechanical keyboard appreciator. Did we mention the PCB and daughterboard are wilba.tech's handicraft?

Comes in your choice of 1.5mm plate - Aluminium or Poly-Carbonate, there's also a PC flex plate extra! Kit colours are Dark Blue, Black, Grey & E-White.

As this is a kit, the PCB needs to be soldered, and you will require switches, stabilisers, and keycaps, to complete the build

QC expectations further down the page

Extras available here

Designed by Gok
7.0° Angle
Leaf-spring PCB-mounting with Damped Plate
QMK and VIA compatible PCB
2.6kg fully built

Top and Bottom case (Aluminium)
Weight (Raw Polished Stainless-steel)
Logo (Raw Polished Stainless-steel)
1.5mm Plate (choose between Smoky Polycarbonate or Black Anodized Aluminium)
wilba.tech WT75-C soldered PCB + daughterboard
Poron Plate Foam
Genuine Cherry 6u stabilizer
Hardware, Mounting Gaskets & Bumpons

GB End - 1 May
Extended until 5 May
Estimate Shipping - February 2021

Not in Australia?
NovelKeys (North America)
MyKeyboardEU (Europe)
Deskeys (Asia)


 QC expectations 

  • There should be no scuffs or scratches on the case top, sides, or bottom.
  • Some of the case tops may show subtle anodization grain or variation under harsh light from certain viewing angles.
  • There may be minor machining/tooling marks and anodizing defects on internal faces.
  • There will be visible machining marks on the non-exposed faces of the weight and logo parts and may also contain micro scratches that should not be visible unless looking closely under certain light.
  • There will be visible machining marks on the engraving of the weight. This is the nature of having a large and deep engraving on polished parts and is not considered a defect.
  • There maybe some slight anodizing mismatches between the top and bottom case parts.