Lube 104 Oil
Lube 104 Oil
Lube 104 Oil

Daily Clack

Lube 104 Oil

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No change to the product, it's still the same great goop we've been stocking for years!

Thin and light, great for linears, & springs.

Thinner than our usual offering, Daily Clack's 104 is an oil, rather than a blend of silicone paste.

As 104 is an oil, it's easier to apply and is an excellent choice for linear switches. Able to reduce friction without catching too much between parts. This also means it's great to use on springs to reduce ping.

If you get any on your hands, simply wash it off with soap, and dry on a paper towel. Do not ingest.

Looking for alternatives? The 700cst Silicone Oil makes a great substitute. 

~2ml vials
More than enough to cover a full sized keyboard (104 switches)