Silicone Oil - 700cst
Silicone Oil - 700cst
Silicone Oil - 700cst


Silicone Oil - 700cst

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Ideal for springs

Used in the RC hobby for its stable viscosity regardless of temperature, Silicone Oil is a cost effective lubricant for both metal and plastic parts.

This Oil is perfect for bag lubing your springs. 

As it's so cost effective you can be fairly generous with the amount you use, while not needing to worry about being too cost conservative.

The larger the "CST" rating, the more "thick" the oil is as there is more internal friction. Water has a low viscosity and it is noticeably more fluid than a high viscosity fluid such as honey.

A higher viscosity is ideal when lubricating springs because a thicker oil helps keep the spring firmly in place while also easing spring friction against the bottom housing – ultimately minimising those unwanted "Crunch" and "Ping" sounds.

Squeezable dropper bottle
100% Pure Silicone Oil (700cst)
Imported direct from Japan