[Pre-Order] Zoom65 - Olivia Dark - March Batch

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[Pre-Order] Zoom65 - Olivia Dark - March Batch

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March Batch – Estimated late April 2022 shipping

Zoom65 aims to make an enthusiast level typing experience and sound accessible and affordable to the general population and hobbyists alike.

A subsidiary of Wuque Studio, Meletrix was formed to bring the latest innovations happening in the DIY custom keyboard community to the masses without sacrificing quality.

Each Zoom65 is sold as a complete kit. It comes with everything you need to use the keyboard right away. Other than the case, PCB and plates, it also includes stabilizers, switches, keycaps and an USB cable!

Ordering ends when sold out or when theyre ready to ship.
Estimated shipping Late April 2022

PCB: 6.5° typing angle
20mm front height
Gasket mount
1.3 KG fully assembled

Aluminium top & bottom case
Aluminium weight
Aluminium rotary encoder knob
Hot-swap multi layout PCB with flex cuts
Polycarbonate plate with flex cuts
WS Stabilizers
JWK linear switches
Double shot, PBT Olivia keycaps
Dampener kit
Coiled USB cable
Storage bag
Screws, screwdriver and keyboard feet

JWK linear switches
PC top
Nylon bottom
POM stem
Factory lubed

Please see the Acceptable Quality Standards here.

Build guide here.

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