Zoom65 Keyboard Kit

Zoom65 Keyboard Kit

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In stock with more to come!

We are pleased to be working with Meletrix to bring you their flagship board, the Zoom65! 

This 65%, gasket mount keyboard comes with everything you need to build including doubleshot PBT keycaps, WS Stabilizers, and JWK linear switches. Premium features such as the special glittery case finish, engraved aluminium weight, and aluminium rotary encoder knob make this a top choice for a daily driver.

6.5 degrees typing angle
20mm front height
Aluminium top and bottom housing
Gasket mount
1.3kg built weight
Special glittery finish

Olivia Dark Electrostatic coated aluminium case
Engraved aluminium weight
Aluminium rotary encoder knob
Flex cut hotswap multi layout PCB
Flex cut PC plate
Doubleshot PBT keycaps
WS Stabiliser kit
Dampener kit
Coiled cable
Storage bag
Fixturing and hardware

JWK linear switches
PC top
Nylon bottom
POM stem
Factory lubed

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Build guide here.