YOK Panda Switches
YOK Trash Panda (Pack of 10) ***SOLD OUT***
YOK Panda Switches
YOK Panda Switches
YOK Mint Panda (Pack of 10) ***SOLD OUT***
YOK Panda Switches
YOK Red Panda (Pack of 10) ***SOLD OUT***

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YOK Panda Switches

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Yok Pandas:

Yok Pandas


You don't need GSUS any more, YOK Pandas will do!

Essentially a twist on the infamous GSUS switch, these YOK Pandas aim to ease the wait for Holy Pandas to arrive. These are clones of the GSUS switch, same housing and leaf.

With their black, red, or green housing, YOK's Trash Panda switch are essentially linear switches, just like Invyr's Panda and BSUN's GSUS switch. Keeping with the traditional black stem = linear switch.

However, the real value of these switches, just like their counterparts, lie in stem swapping. For example, swapping out the stems for halo stems, will yield the same feeling as Holy Gsus or Holy Pandas.

To make tactile switches, you will need Halo switches

  • Black, Red, or Green coloured switches
  • Linear
  • 50g actuation, 60g bottom out
  • Sold in packs of 10