U4 Silent Tactile Stems
U4 Silent Tactile Stems
U4 Silent Tactile Stems


U4 Silent Tactile Stems

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Finally some excellent silent tactiles that don't break the bank!

With the price point for silent switches being so high, it's hard to believe silent tactile switches could be had for such an affordable price. However, not only is u/hbheroinbob, putting out affordable silent tactiles, but they're also excellent to type on.

With a more rounded bump much akin to a T1, the U4 stems have pre-travel, nice sound dampening, and reduced overall travel.

If you're looking to make a workplace friendly keyboard, with switches that won't destroy your wallet, then try out these silent tactiles.

Daily Clack recommends assembling with Outemu housing or T1/Koalas/Okomochis

You can find the Ice Blue Base Housing and Tops here

POM stem
Silencing pads
3.6-3.7mm in travel
2.5mm actuation
Silent tactile

All parts sold in packs of 10