TX Keyboards BOX Switch Spring Kit


TX Keyboards BOX Switch Spring Kit

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Compatible with BOX switches only. For springs compatible with MX style switches click here.

Australia's switch spring drought is coming to an end, thanks to Kin25 of TX Keyboards.

Designed with the intention of reducing spring noise, these springs are shorter in length, while larger in diameter.

This causes each spring to travel less, reducing impact noise from the top of the switch.

Each kit is equipped with 110 springs, a squeeze-bottle of lubricating oil, a case, as well as an oil tray. The oil tray sits underneath, allowing you to lubricate each spring from the top without ruining what's underneath the case.

While adding to the oil isn't essential, thanks to the design of these springs, it is recommended to further reduce any sound a switch might produce.

Choose from 45g, 50g, 55g, 60g, 65g, and 70g springs. Measured in grams at bottom out weight.

Kit comes with
110 springs
Squeeze bottle of oil
Oil Tray