TX Keyboard Bag
TX Keyboard Bag
TX Keyboard Bag
TX Keyboard Bag
TX Keyboard Bag
TX Keyboard Bag


TX Keyboard Bag

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Available for Australia only. Orders outside of Australia will be cancelled!

Ever look at someone's Corsair keyboard and scoff "What a weak looking keyboard. I could drop my keyboard on that and it would smash it to pieces"?

A wave of reasoning comes over you, and you understand that it's probably not a good idea. "I don't want to scratch my anodisation" you think to yourself as you lower the beast of machined, assorted metals, that you call your keyboard with new found reasoning. 

Well, Kin25 from TX Keyboards has the right solution for you. TX Keyboard Bags.

With your keyboard in one of TX's Bags, you'll bring ultimate destruction to whatever you drop it on. And you won't scratch your anodisation.

Praised for their stack-ability, durability, and solid shell design, whenever you ask someone about these bags you always get the response "they're awesome!" It's no wonder the mechanical keyboard community are continually asking for a way to get their hands on some.

Kin25 has generously decided to run a buy for these bags, open to anyone looking to pre-order one or a few. And, has even let Daily Clack be the Australian proxy.

Inside each bag are foam inserts to keep your keyboard stationary and secure. The right foam insert size will ensure your keyboard is snug within the bag.

Bag sizes

L : 50*24.5*11.3cm
M : 43*21.5*12.8cm
S : 38.5*19.5*12.8cm
Internal Dimensions (foam insert sizes)
Full size: 45cm x 15cm 
1800: 39cm x 17cm
CP: 39cm x 14.5cm
84/87: 37cm x 15cm
87se/84se: 36.3cm x 14.5cm
75: 33cm x 15cm
65: 32.3cm x 12cm
60: 30.3cm x 12cm