[GB] Twilight Switches
Twilight Switches ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Twilight Switches


[GB] Twilight Switches

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Finding the tactility sweet spot
Twilights are not just another a JWK recolor. It was born out of a JWK frankenswitch combo that Pylon and brainandforce discovered independently while experimenting: combining the MX Clear-like stem from a Durock Medium Tactile switch with the tactile leaf of the Durock T1 housing.

he result is a sharp, punchy, tactile switch, with just a bit of pretravel. Imagine a smoother, much more tactile Ergo Clear. A tactile switch as intense as an NK_ Blueberry that can hold its own at lighter spring weights.

  • Tactile
  • 67g bottom out
  • Nylon bottom housing
  • Polycarbonate top housing
  • POM stem
  • PCB mount 5-pin
  • LED compatible
  • Designed by  Pylon and brainandforce
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • GB End - 22 May
  • Estimated shipping - Q3 2021
AlphaKeys (CA)
DangKeebs (US)
MyKeyboard (EU)


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