[GB] Tsukuyomi

[GB] Tsukuyomi

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Estimated shipping Q3 2021

Sitting in the moonlight

With a name inspired by the crescent moon and night sky imagery in late 90s anime and manga, this board had humble beginnings.

Originally a one off for personal use by Persocom, Tsukuyomi received enough interest to warrant a public round!

Tsukuyomi is configurable as either a classic top mount or a burger mount. Featuring a top right blocker, housing an adorable crescent moon, this 65% layout is reminiscent of the TGR 910.

The addition of an XT column to the left of the board allows you to set up workflow macros or even media controls.

For extra plates and PCBs click here

65% + XT column layout
ISO, Split backspace support
QMK/VIA Compatible
PCB Designed by Upas
7 degree angle
Choice of WKL or WK

Case top
Case bottom
Brass weight and badge insert
Black Aluminium Plate
Mounting and assembly hardware
-CannonKeys carrying case with custom foam to fit Tsukuyomi
(for reference, see the small variant of these)

GB End - December 4th
Estimate Shipping - Q3 2021

Not in Australia?
Cannon Keys (North America)
ProtoTypist (Europe)
iLumKB (Asia)


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