TMT Story Deskmat

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TMT Story Deskmat

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The beginning of two stories

Not only has this set been inspired by a tale from Japanese literature containing a bunch of animals, a vampire and a lot of wordplay but it is the launch of Tomato Caps' first group buy! Thanks to the dye-sublimation process the full story can be told with a more calligraphic, stylised Hiragana sublegends.

The analogous colour scheme is soft with the red accenting pink and purple  pastels. A surefire combination on a white board but will find its home on any red, pink or purple base. 

Treated Cloth top
Stitched edges
Rubber bottom
Designed by lunasho

900x400x4mm and ~800g
Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

Not in Australia?
HexKeyboards (SG)
zFrontier (CN)
Basekeys (JP)

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