[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Extra PCB - Wired Solder ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Extra PCB - Wired Hotswap ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras
Extra Foam Kit ***SOLD OUT***

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[GB] Thera75 Keyboard Kit - Extras

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Thera75 Keyboard Kit:

Thera75 Keyboard Kit


Holiday time by the Aegean Sea

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If Thera-V1 shows the night scenery of this Aegean Sea Island through the image of the auditorium with star badge and stainless-steel weight; then in Thera V2, we will set this island as the starting point to start our summer journey to the Aegean Sea.

On the back of Thera V2, we still choose the dome auditorium: the iconic building on Thera, as the weight. The difference is that we make the weight a silhouette of the auditorium this time, making this design element bridges two generations, and emphasizing the starting point of this journey.


See quality guidelines here.

Build Guide available here.

  • Keyboard Kit color:
    Grey 430C
    Navy 295C
    Light blue 2707U
  • Starlight Black (infused with gold particles)
  • Case:6063 Alu
  • Weight(optional):
  • Stainless steel black matte PVD
  • Stainless steel silver mirror PVD
  • Stainless steel black mirror PVD
  • Stainless steel chroma PVD
  • Stainless steel chroma mirror PVD
  • Badge & Knob:
  • Greece/Navy anchor/Light blue anchor/Grey rudder/Black rudder/
  • Santorini badge/75 badge/Rudder knob
  • Mounting: Top Mount/PCB Gasket Mount (Plateless supported)
  • PCB: 1.6mm Soldered0, Hotswap,
  • Plate material:
    1.5mm PC plate supports PCB gasket mount
    1.5mm Carbon Fiber plate supports top mount
    GB ends 30 November
    Estimated shipping Q2 2023
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    Prototypist (UK)
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