[GB] The Mark: 65 Extras

[GB] The Mark: 65 Extras

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Extras for the Mark: 65 Keyboard

Make sure you purchase your kit in the same order here.

Available in either Aluminium or Black FR4

Optional 5°
This addon is a replacement foot to take your Mark: 65 from 0 degree typing angle to 5 degree typing angle. Adding this option will only include the 5 degree add on
GB End - October 27
Estimate Shipping - January 2021

Not in Australia?
BoardSource (US)
Deskhero (CA)
Mechboards.uk  (EU)
Yusha Kobo (Japan)
iLumkb (SG)
zFrontier (China)


QC Expectations Extras
  • Ship date to US customers is expected to happen before mid-December (2020); however, if any delays occur it is possible that we will decide to ship after Christmas to not risk delays or loss of packages due to USPS being so overburdened during the holidays.
  • We will likely ship proxy orders directly after the holidays unless we can ship early enough to ensure that there are no loss or delays due to the holiday season. Even though it means a longer wait, we feel it is likely best and safest to wait until after the holidays so ship such important and expensive items overseas.
  • Because the Space Grey is a custom anodization color and the pieces of The Mark: 65's case are different sizes (top vs. lower front) it means the pieces must be manually color matched. As a result, it is possible that there are slight color differentiations between pieces, this can also occur in certain lighting conditions because the Space Grey is a very dynamic color. In other words, the color can look light in direct light, and rather dark in shadows or indirect light. The photos depict this very well.
  • A small amount of minor interior imperfections is considered A-Stock, but A-Stock will not include any exterior blemishes or imperfections. Any unit with any exterior blemishes will be considered B-Stock/Blem Units and will not be delivered to GB participants or Proxies.

    Group Buy Policy

    This item currently does not have an expected shipping date, however, this once an estimate production and shipping date can be determined this page will be updated.

    Sometimes things can and do go wrong, which can change this date.

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