Switch Holder - Mini
Switch Holder - Mini
Switch Holder - Mini
Switch Holder - Mini


Switch Holder - Mini

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Tappa Tappa

This switch holder comes pre-assembled with DSA Keycaps included, giving you a convenient way to test and compare switches side-by-side

Idyllic has added a slight twist to these holders in an attempt to make bottoming-out less harsh; a Polypropylene (PP) plate mounted over four soft, silicone O-rings.

Switches do not clip-in and are friction fit. This means they can be removed without a switch puller, though a switch puller is always nice to have around.

Glossy, smooth edges topped with satin acrylic to reduce smudges; the small form-factor makes it easy to hold and a great fidget toy.

Acrylic layers should be relatively flush and level with each other, however there may be some instances where they might not line-up 100% perfectly.
As switches are friction fit, in some instances the Polypropylene plate might flake very slightly after repeated use; this doesn’t affect functionality nor should it happen often.

2x Black 1u DSA Keycaps
Hardware + Case

6cm x 3cm x 1.5cm