[GB] SPV1 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] SPV1 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] SPV1 Keyboard Kit - Extras
[GB] SPV1 Keyboard Kit - Extras

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[GB] SPV1 Keyboard Kit - Extras

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SPV1 Extras:Extra FR4 Plate

Estimated Shipping Q4 2023

Southpaw Specialty

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From the designer:

After many years I'm excited to finally announce the SPV1, a Southpaw 75%! This was a joint effort between myself and H3NT4I to create a practical and productive layout.

At the time of designing this back in 2018 there weren't any layouts like this so we decided to make our own with the help of Gondolindrim for designing the PCB.

Big thank you to CannonKeys and all of their staff for graciously helping out with fulfilment of this board!!

GB Ends 28th February
Estimated Shipping Q4 2023

A 8° angle
Top mount
1.5mm plate
2x 8mm brass reversible weights
Aluminum case
Numpad, mirrored numpad, or macropad options
Fixed ANSI 7u WKL layout (will provide plate file)
10mm top/bottom bezels, 5mm side bezels
Caps/num/scroll LED indicators
18.8mm front face height
Solder-only PCB (For first run)

Not in Australia?
 NA: CannonKeys
China: ClickClack
Indonesia: Acid & Co
EU: MyKeyboard