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SA Mizu

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Uniform SA round of Mizu!

Mizu is Back - This time, in SA Profile! Designed by Rensuya, and inspired by water, Mizu is back (Mizu is water in Japanese)!

We're offering 2 kits for SA Mizu. The base kit supports 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, Full-size, and 1800CP boards, as well as some ortholinear keyboards and 40% keyboards.

We're also offering a Homing kit featuring the "HUNT" keys in a homing profile for Colemak and Dvorak keyboard layout users.

SA Mizu will be produced in ABS plastic by Signature Plastics in Washington State. It'll feature a Uniform R3 profile, and be color matched to GMK Mizu.

We're also happy to bring you Mizu Deskmats, featuring a pair of Koi fish, and a nautical moon scene!

Double-shot ABS
SA Profile
Designed by Rensuya

Not in Australia?
CannonKeys (North America)
MyKeyboard (Europe)
DeskHero (Canada)
iLumKB (Asia)

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