[Pre-Order] SA Jadeite

[Pre-Order] SA Jadeite

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Cool to the touch.

The Jade Cabbage, a sculpture meticulously carved out of Jadeite utilising the natural colour gradient is what has inspired HoodrowThrillson for his latest keyset. Having previously run GMK Zhuyuin and GMK Coral, HoodrowThrillson is stepping into the high profile world with an SA set.

Following its inspiration SA Jadeite is a gradient set that fades from rich greens to white from left to right. 

Double-shot ABS
SA Profile
Designed by HoodrowThrillson

Estimate Shipping - August 2021

Not in Australia?
 Novelkeys (North America)
Apex Keyboards (Canada)
MyKeyboard (Europe)
Monokei (Asia)

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