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[GB] SA Calculator
[GB] SA Calculator
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[GB] SA Calculator

Signature Plastics

[GB] SA Calculator

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SA Calculator:

SA Calculator


Now THIS adds up!

Braun's effect on the product design world has been felt for years thanks to their less-is-more approach. The Braun ET 66 Calculator is no different! A matte black body is contrasted with polished black, brown, green and yellow buttons, a motif that is perfectly captured in an SA profile thanks to the sheen of the keys and large, vintage style legends.

With an array of exciting pops of colour the accented keys are sure to push your buttons. The use of humble, warm tones alongside black makes this set an easy pairing with most of your favourite boards.

Double-shot ABS
Uniform SA Profile
Manufactured by Signature Plastics
Designed by TripleTension

GB End - 3 January
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2023

Not in Australia?
Kono (North America)
Deskhero (Canada)
zFrontier (China)
Basekeys (JP)

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