SA Bliss R2 - Sculpted

SA Bliss R2 - Sculpted

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Returning, but not as you know it!

If you loved the comfy vibes of SA Bliss but weren't a fan of uniform profile you're in luck! Minterly is running a sculpted version of the set with even more options! The sculpt is 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3.

Please note that the grey used in round 2 run will be lighter and slightly more warm toned than the round 1 run.

The Bundle includes: Alphas, Pink Alphas, UwU Alphas, Modifiers, Pink Modifiers, Numpad, Spacebars, UwUlties at a 10% discount.

This round we also have an alternate alpha kit on offer to brighten things up a bit with a delicate pink cluster. For those of you who want to get extra comfy the UwU Alphas fit so well with the plush, blobby icon mods.

Double-shot ABS
SA Profile
Designed by Minterly

ungodly Artisans
Row 1
Cerakoted with enamel infill

Not in Australia?
Minterly Studios (North America)
Aura Mech (Canada)
MyKeyboard (Europe)
ilumKB (Asia)