qPBT Terminal
qPBT Terminal
qPBT Terminal
qPBT Terminal
qPBT Terminal
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qPBT Terminal
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qPBT Terminal
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qPBT Terminal

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qPBT Terminal is an affordable set of keycaps designed by maxvoltar (mvkb.com). Inspired by workstations of the past with their iconic orange or green displays and monospaced typefaces. Text-only legends, and some subtle details provided by the binary sublegends give this set a nice retro look. To keep things simple, there's only a single set, which covers a wide range of keyboard layouts from 60-100%, including support for Alice, macOS, terminal ISO, ANSI, Tsangan and more.


Designed by maxvoltar (mvkb.com), produced by Salvun, this beautiful row 1 1u keycap (think escape key for example) is modeled after an old workstation. Milled from a solid piece of aluminum, black anodization, Cherry profile, MX mount, resin infill.


Building on top of the retro workstation theme, the Terminal deskmat features some iconic LED-lights, rendered in a halftone style. The deskmat measures 900 by 400mm, and is 4mm thick and has a fluffy finish.

  • PBT
  • Cherry Profile
  • Reverse dye sublimation
  • Artisan
    • Salvun 
    • 1u Row 1
  • Deskmat 
    • 900x400x4mm
    • Rough texture



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