QMK Proton C
QMK Proton C
QMK Proton C
QMK Proton C
QMK Proton C


QMK Proton C

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Brought to you by the QMK Collaborators, this is the new and improved external controller that you didn’t know you needed

The Proton C is a drop-in replacement for a Pro-Micro and so much more

Add Audio To Your Build

The Proton C comes with speaker pads, so you can add Audio to any build. Just solder in a Mallory Sonalert AST1109MLTRQ and you’re setup for auditory feedback. Play a sound for layer changes, use Music Mode to turn your keyboard into a piano, enable Audio Click, or just use it as a delightful little soundboard. The audio setup will give you all new ways to increase the customization of your keyboard.

Upgrade Your Existing Pro-Micro Based Kit

Add a Proton C into any QMK-compatible kit that currently uses a Pro-Micro, and compile Proton C firmware without any extra work! We’ve done the heavy lifting of making your existing keyboards work without keymap changes. Just adjust your make target and it will build an ARM firmware instead of an AVR firmware.

Take Your Handwired Build To The Next Level

The quintessential controller for your custom build. Yes, you can have USB-C and Audio in your hand-wired builds! The Proton C provides 23 GPIO pins. That’s enough to wire a full sized keyboard!

What's new with Rev 2
Clear solder mask on both sides
Speaker pads on both sides
You can now connect one side of the speaker to GND to gain an additional I/O pin

Additional Features
32-bit Cortex-M4 Processor
USB-C Port that won’t break off easily
PWM on every exposed pin
A break-away section with extra pins and a place to mount a speaker
RESET button with a sane bootloader

Not in Australia?
1up Keyboards

QMK Proton C Rev 2 Technical Specifications
Processor: ARM-7 Cortex-M4 STM32F303CCT6
Core Size: 32-Bit
Speed: 72MHz
Connectivity: USB, I²C, SPI, UART/USART
Peripherals: PWM, DMA, I²S
Number of 3.3V I/O: 23
Number of 5V Output: 1
Program Memory Size: 256Kb
RAM Size: 40K
VCC: 3.3V
USB-C Connector With Throughhole Fixing Pins
5v Output for WS2812 RGB Strips
RAW pin for 5v VCC-supply
Speaker Pad for AST1109MLTRQ on Both Sides