Prophet Keyboard Kit

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Prophet Keyboard Kit

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Most extra kits come with ANSI PP plate - PLEASE READ the unit you have selected. If the plate material is not listed assume it comes with ANSI PP.


For your kit please select the quality of stock and the colour you would like. All colours are not available for all stock. Options for extra plates and PCBs need to both be selected to add it to cart. 

As this is a kit, the PCB needs to be soldered, and you will require switches, stabilisers, and keycaps, to complete the build

Top case
Bottom case
ANSI Polyproplylene plate (unless otherwise mentioned)
Fixturing and hardware
Keyboard carrying case

Designed by CableCarDesigns
6.0° Angle
Pin mount
QMK PCB by westfoxtrot
7u bottom row
HHKB, WKL, Standard Layours
Black, Dark Blue, or E-White

Not in Australia?
CannonKeys (North America)
MyKeyboardEU (Europe)
iLumKB (Asia)