Outemu DIY Switches
Outemu DIY Switches
Ice - Top Housing *10 ***SOLD OUT***
Outemu DIY Switches
U4 Base *10 ***SOLD OUT***
Outemu DIY Switches
68g Springs *10 ***SOLD OUT***
Outemu DIY Switches


Outemu DIY Switches

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Outemu Switch Parts:

Outemu Switch Parts

Build your own keyboard? Why not build your own switches as well!

Cut out the middleman, and assemble your own switches with Outemu. You won't need a switch opener if you get all the parts ready to assemble.

With each part, you can order the components that fit your build agenda. Daily Clack has Clear Tops, Sky Base or Clear Base for housings. Currently, you can choose from Tactile, Silent Tactile, and Silent Linear stems.

Clear tops are nice and tight, while the differences between the bases are negligible. Note: The Outemu clear no-slot tops that Daily Clack stocks are incompatible with through-hole LEDs. They work great with surface mount LEDs though.

Tactile stems have pre-travel, and a rounded, large tactile bump. Silent stems have bump-ons to reduce operational sounds.

To ensure a smooth experience with linear stems, all Outemu linears come with a dremel tool. It is vital that you retool the internal riser column of the switch. For a full description read this post

Like all switches, we recommend lubing these switches as lube will improve their operation. Apply to slide rail slots and avoid the leaf and stem bump.

Un-assembled switches generate significantly less waste

Clear top
Clear base or sky base
Tactile - Operational bump
Silent Tactile - Dampened with bump
Silent Linear - Dampened, no bump
PCB Mount - 5pin

For a complete switch, you will need
Top Housing - Ice
Base Housing - Sky or Ice
Stem - Tactile, Silent Tactile, or Silent Linear
Spring - 68g

Comes with
2.35mm Drill bit (if you order a Silent Linear Stem)

All parts sold in packs of 10