[GB] Orion87 Keyboard Kit

[GB] Orion87 Keyboard Kit

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KindleStar's Orion shines in the sky

Space exploration is a wonderful glimpse in to the future of civilisation. What started as humans looking up into the night sky has progressed into the moonwalks and long term voyages into the solar system. The Orion87 takes design cues from aspects of the technology associated with it.

Having been praised by the Chinese market, KindleStar has been kind enough to extend their offering to our community! Packed full of features you are sure to love it.

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Estimated Shipping Q2 2022
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Gasket mount with poron
6063 Aluminum case, titanium logo
6.5 degrees
Polycarbonate plate
Wired and Bluetooth 5.1
QMK & VIA software compatible

Aluminium top and bottom piece
Titanium logo
Polycarbonate plate
PCB and antenna
Hardware and fixturing

Not in Australia?
Kindlestar (WW)
Kono (US)
mykeyboard.eu (EU)
ApexKeyboards (CA)
Keyfirst (SEA)

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