[GB] Omnitype Keyboard and Meka Bags

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[GB] Omnitype Keyboard and Meka Bags

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Carry in style.

Can't bear to be without your clicks and clacks at work? Don't want to go a day without hearing the sweet pitter patter of your thocky keyboard at uni? Maybe you're just after a more sensible storage option than stacking your boards precariously in your cupboard. 

Medium will hold up to a 65% while the large can house up to a TKL. These bags are the perfect mobile solution. Available in two styles.

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Estimated shipping Q2 2022

EVA Keyboard case for 65% boards and smaller
CNC internal foam
Internal Dimensions - 130mm x 332.5mm x 46mm
External Dimensions - 210mm x 390mm x 77mm
Omnitype/Bars Zipper Pulls
6x spacers (2x 10mm, 2x 15mm, 2x 20mm)
Omnitype micro-suede cloth (400x400mm)

EVA Keyboard case for TKL boards and smaller
CNC internal foam
Internal - 145mm x 362mm x 50mm
External - 225mm x 425mm x 83mm
Omnitype/Bars Zipper Pulls
11x spacers (3x 10mm, 3x 15mm, 3x 20mm, x2 25mm)
Omnitype micro-suede cloth (500x500mm)

Not in Australia?
Omnitype (US)
Oblotzky Industries (EU)
Prototypist (UK)
iLumKB (SEA)
zFrontier (CN)

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