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Novelkeys x Kailh BOX Royal [Retooled]

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Australia finally has stock of BOX Royals! These tactile switches are a collaboration between NovelKeys and Kailh to produce the best BOX tactile switch yet!

With a bump early on and a sharp fall to bottom out, these switches offer a different tactile experience.

To achieve this, a new contact leaf is used, helping to set the Royals apart from the Burnt Orange or Brown BOX switches.

There's also new top housing, though it's still sealed off to retain that IP56 dustproof/waterproof rating.

Does it have a good tactile bump this time? Yes!
Is it better than Zeals? That's up to you
Are they cheaper than Zeals? You bet they are.

Sold in packs of 10

Royal - Tactile 75g | 3.66mm travel

Here's a product sheet for those of you interested!