[GB] NK87 Darkshake Edition Keyboard Kit

[GB] NK87 Darkshake Edition Keyboard Kit

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Darkshake Edition TKL

We're expanding the entry level offerings to a TKL! NovelKeys has teamed up with Biip once again to bring you a sleek, trendy and most importantly, super accessible TKL. This all inclusive GB is the perfect starting point in the hobby or even one to add to the collection for you hobbyists that must have one of everything.

The white-on-navy dye-subbed keycap set comes with full TKL support and additional accent novelties for an extra pop of colour to pair with the silkscreened pattern on the back of the case.

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Estimated Shipping Q3 2022

VIA Compatible
Per switch RGB lighting (programmable via VIA)

Injection Molded Polycarbonate Case
Injection Molded Polycarbonate Plate
Coiled USB C cable included
NK_ Screw-in Stabilizers Installed
PCB/Plate Mount MX Switch Compatible (3 pin and 5 pin)
Thock Absorbers™- x8 Silicone strips between the plate and top case
Muffle Mats™ - x2 Silicone dampening pads One on the bottom, and one between the plate and PCB.
Carrying case
Includes Silk Milkshake switches
Includes PBT dyesub keycaps (102 caps)

Not in Australia?
NovelKeys (US)
Oblotzky Industries (EU)
Prototypist (UK)
iLumKB (Asia)

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