NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition
with Crystal Jade switches ***SOLD OUT***
NK65 - RFP Edition
with NK_Silk Emerald switches ***SOLD OUT***
NK65 - RFP Edition
NK65 - RFP Edition

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NK65 - RFP Edition

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NK65 RFP Edition:

NK65 RFP Edition


Topographic styling
The NK65 - RFP Edition is a standard 65% layout keyboard with a hotswap PCB. The PCB is VIA compatible with per switch RGB lighting. The switches are south facing.

This will be fully assembled and comes with custom switches and keycaps. It includes a polycarbonate case, aluminum plate, PCB (same PCB as the NK65 v2 - Aluminum Edition), NK_ plate mount stabilizers, and silicone dampening material. A carrying case is also included.

The case is a translucent green color. The rubber feet will be black. The bottom of the case will have a UV printed topographic pattern. The USB cable will be black. Please note that the cable in the product photo is not included. The included cable will be a standard coiled black USB C cable.

The included switches are either a recolor of the NK_ Silk Emerald switches (linear) which are translucent green with a white stem or Crystal Jades (clicky) which are translucent green with green stems.

Keycaps will be dye-sub PBT in Cherry profile. They will come with an RFP logo novelty keycap as well as a topographic spacebar.

Modified Top Mount - Plate screws into top case, PCB screws into plate, and plate screws into the bottom case. This design allows for no visible screws once assembled.
  • 65% Standard Fixed Layout
  • Hotswap PCB
  • VIA Compatible
  • USB C
  • Per switch RGB lighting
  • UV Printed Topographic Design
  • PCB Designed by yiancar
  • 8 degree angle
  • Silicone Dampening Pad

Please see the Acceptable Quality Standards here. 

  • Top and Bottom case
  • 1.5mm Aluminium Plate
  • PCB
  • Choice of NK_ Silk Emerald switches (linear) OR Midnight Jades (clicky)
  • Dye Sub Cherry profile PBT keycaps
  • NK_ Plate Mount Stabilizers
  • Black Coiled USB C cable
  • Hardware, Mounting Gaskets
  • Bumpons
  • Keycaps

NovelKeys (North America)
Oblotzky Industries (Europe)
zFrontier (Asia)


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