[GB] Neo Knob KN01

[GB] Neo Knob KN01

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KN01 is an industrial design knob for daily usage. It is made out of 6061 aluminium which is CNC turned and milled from a solid rod. You might have used other knobs but they are not as stable as this one, because this one uses a bearing mounted knob which makes it wobble free.

It can be programmed according to your need. It can be used for video editing, volume, brightness, media player and many more. It also comes with an EC12 encoder with no detent which makes the knob as smooth as gliding on a butter. It takes both rotary and click input.

GB ends 2 May
Estimated shipping Q3 2022

Wobble Free Knob
Type - C Port
Powered by QMK Firmware
VIAL Configurator Compatible
2-Piece CNC Turned Aluminum-6061

Type-C Cable

Not in Australia?
US: Dangkeebs
CA: Keyspresso
UK: prototypist
EU: candykeys
IN: Stacks KB
CN: zfrontier
Rest of the world: NeoKnob

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