[GB] Nemui Keyboard Kit

[GB] Nemui Keyboard Kit

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The Nemui is the much loved 65% with corner blocker layout, designed to show off that cosy accent piece. The small bezelled design and speedy side profile keep the board feeling sleek and precise - a perfect canvas for your favourite keyset.

A leaf spring plate design encourages a more even typing feel, allowing the entire plate to shift as you press down. 

Estimated Shipping - Q3 2021
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7 ° typing angle
Layout: 65% with a top right blocker
Top Mount Leaf Spring Mount
Anodized or E-Coated Aluminium Body
PCB designed by KnoblesseOblige
QMK/VIA support, ESD protection

Top and bottom case
Accent pieces
Solderable PCB
1.5mm Aluminium, Brass or PC Plate
Mounting hardware and accessories
Monokei Hard Carry Case

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