Mystery Deskmats

Mystery Deskmats

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Lucky dip!

Spill coffee on your mat and in desperate need of something, anything to replace it? Maybe you missed out on one of the mats available and would like to try your luck? Test fate with this gacha style mat purchase.

By purchasing this product you acknowledge there will be no refunds and no change of mind returns accepted on these orders.

You will be sent one of the below mats chosen at random. 

Available mats
Neko Tomo
Custom Original
Custom Green
Custom Greyscale
Winter Wonderland Teddy
Winter Wonderland Snowglobe
Cyberpunk Pink 
Bingsu Pattern
Bingsu Stripes
Bingsu Border
Omnitype Floral
Omnitype Marble
Omnitype Meka Grey
Darling Forest
 Hero Black
Hero Green
Kat Oasis
Copper Alchemy 
Copper Splash
PnC Peaches
PnC Trees
Coral Limpet Shell
Omnitype 8008
Mizu Tulia
Mizu Water
The Classy The Technical
Old Salmon Bento
GMK 9009
Omnitype Meka Black
Desert Day
Desert Light
Desert Night
Desert Dusk
Desert Arctic
Doggo Sushi Black
Doggo Sushi White
Doggo Sushi Yellow
Doggo Sushi Pink
Anti- Deskmat Light
Archetype Green Summit
Archetype Blue Summit
Archetype Bubble-gum Sunbeam
Duck Ori Black
Goose Gridlines White
Honey Field
Honey Lemon
Noel Blue
Noel Pink
Moondust Rocket
Lucky Jade
Weave Black
Weave Blue