Mystery Deskmats R2

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Mystery Deskmats R2

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Lucky dip!

Spill coffee on your mat and in desperate need of something, anything to replace it? Maybe you missed out on one of the mats available and would like to try your luck? Test fate with this gacha style mat purchase.

By purchasing this product you acknowledge there will be no refunds and no change of mind returns accepted on these orders.

You will be sent one of the below mats chosen at random. 

Available mats
Moondust Rocket
Noel Blue
Noel Pink
Mizu Moon
Great Wave Dark
Lucky Jade
Honey Field
Weave Black
Weave Blue
Deep Navy Nordic Night
TaehaTypes Black
TaehaTypes White
GMK Bread
GMK Umbra
Randomfrankp Topographic
9009 Text Deskmat
Foliage Light
Foliage Mixed
KAT Eternal
VHS Dark
VHS Light
GMK Finer Things
Archetype Blue
3ildcat Grey
3ildcat Blue
Ivory Elephant Safari
Ivory Tribal
Mono Collection - Yang
Mono Collection - Dusk
Mono Collection - Sunrise
Mono Collection - Midnight
Mono Collection - Midori
Mono Collection - Vapour
Mono Collection - Gorudo
Mono Collection - Eclipse
Mono Collection - Dawn
Dracula ERR!
Dracula Eye
Doggo Sushi Black
uwu owo - Strawberry
uwu owo - Neko
uwu owo - Peach
uwu owo - arr gee bee
Bobabear - Black
Mountain Mat - Dark
Mountain Mat - Light
Modern Dolch Light - Vector
Nautilus 2 Deskmat
Modern Dolch Light - Circles
Bento Waves Blue
Bento Waves Salmon
Kanagawa Deskmats - Mizu
Kanagawa Deskmats - Mint
Kanagawa Deskmats - Charcoal
Kanagawa Deskmats - Zen Mizu
Kanagawa Deskmats - Zen Mint
Kanagawa Deskmats - Zen Charcoal
Moss Switch Deskmat
Buger c64 Light
Buger c64 Dark
Violet Tendencies Geo
Dixiemech Floral Greyscale
InertG Penrose Infinity
SA Sail Black
SA Sail Green
GMK Fuyu Full Moon
Modo2 Circle RGB
Entropy Blacklight
Entropy Retrowave
Deep Deskmats Black
Deep Deskmats White
Deep Deskmats Hackerman
Pono Ponogon
Pono Pattern
Godspeed Reverse Panda
ePBT Skadi Deskmat
Macaron Light
Delta Deskmat
Botanical R1 Dark