[GB] MW Paws
Latin Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Hiragana Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
40s Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Novelties ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Paws Alphas ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
International ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Spacebars ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Numpad ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
Hibi & Paws - Doggo ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Paws
KeyBee x Paws - Enter Artisan ***SOLD OUT***


[GB] MW Paws

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MW Paws:

MW Paws


The Purrrrrfect Set!

From the designer:

This set is dedicated to the cuddliest, fluffiest and purrfect pets we love and adore. Cute colours are the theme of this set. The novelties give it its life where we try to showcase various cuddly pets in different characters and emotions.

The kits contains 2 TKL base kits (latin and another with Hiragana) and a 40s Base kit. The novelties take care of a ton of layouts including macros support. This was in the works for a long time and thanks to all our discord members who made this happen!!

Dye-Sublimation PBT by Milkyway
Cherry Profile
Designed by SxM Designs

GB End - 3 October
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2023

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