[GB] MW Fuyu
[GB] MW Fuyu
[GB] MW Fuyu
[GB] MW Fuyu
[GB] MW Fuyu
Katakana Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Latin Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Hiragana Base ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Katakana 40s ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Latin 40s ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Spacebars ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Accents/Novelty ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Keybee x Fuyu - Pink ***SOLD OUT***
[GB] MW Fuyu
Keybee x Fuyu - Blue ***SOLD OUT***


[GB] MW Fuyu

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MW Fuyu:

MW Fuyu


Beautiful Japanese winter

Mcnos brings back this cold classic in MilkyWay's dye-subbed style. The blossoms do, in fact, bloom in the winter time. With novelties based on new years traditions and Japanese home comforts this set promotes the pastel pleasures.

Several base kit options and plenty of layout and accent support makes this a great offering for you budding hobbyists - especially with so many accent choices.

Dye-Sublimation PBT by Milkyway
Cherry Profile
Designed by mcnos

GB End - 9 September
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2023

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