MONOKEI & Friends - Hidari Keyboard Kit

MONOKEI & Friends - Hidari Keyboard Kit

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Southpaw F-rowless 1800

Extra PCBs and Plates can be ordered here.

Ever seen a southpaw before? For those unfamiliar the term southpaw refers to having traditionally right-side features such as the numpad and arrow keys reversed on the left. 

The Hidari by MONOKEI x Thesiscamper is a stylish, functional approach to the form-factor. A subtle scooped side profile and accent base remain the focus due to the screwless exterior. An isolation mounted plate limits the metal-on-metal contact to improve the typing feel and sound.

5 degrees typing angle
Weight Brass Kit (1.9kg), Aluminium Kit (1.5kg)
Gasket mounted - isolation
Dimensions 38.5x11.5x3 cm
QMK and VIA compatible PCB

Top & Bottom piece (colour dependent on combination)
Aluminium plate (colour dependent on combination)
Brass or Aluminium cover
Solder / Hotswap PCB
10 pcs of M3x5 countersunk hex screws
8 pcs of M3x8 sockethead hex screws
Allen key
Rubber feet
Solderable Layout
Hotswap Layout