M0llY Keyboard Kit

M0llY Keyboard Kit

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"During our conversations on Slack I grew tired of typing M0110A so I just started calling her M0llY. (leet speak throwback of sorts). Its hard to deny its
a catchy name" - Json of TKC

A modern geometric replica of the iconic Apple M0110A. Featuring anodized aluminum construction, PVD weights and badges, and a custom QMK PCB. TKC's first ultra-premium board has arrived!

Taking inspiration from the M0110-A and pairing it with the retro-vibes of the TKC1800, TheKey.Company adds their own spin by including a numpad.

Born from a necessity, this premium custom keyboard kit is exceptionally well built - weighing 3.4kgs. All the insignia, the badge, the weight, and the plate are all treated with PVD. Materials used are aircraft grade 6061 aluminium, brass or stainless steel.

QMK Firmware
MX / Alps compatibility
Matte black, gold silk screen
All SMD components pre-soldered in factory
1 year TKC warranty
USB-C output via hub

Aluminum 6061
3.4kgs Unbuilt
Top Plate Mount
PVD Brass Plate, 1.5mm thick
7 degree typing angle
PVD Brass Flower Weight
PVD Brass Front Badge
Gloss Black PVD Stainless Hardware
Internal Hub Daughterboard
USBC output
USBA 3.1 input
High Speed Data Transfer
High Amp Charging
Alps plates available as an add-on product
Additional Plates, PCBs, and Front Badges are available

MX Plate
Front Badge
Brass Weight
Hub w Interconnect Cable
Gloss Black PVD Stainless Hardware


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