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[GB] Corne LP By Boardsource

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Estimate Shipping - September 2020

Corne - Low Profile Hotswap Kit

The Corne LP (low profile) is a slim and sleek ergonomic keyboard designed for maximum size efficiency. The Corne LP was a natural launch kit for Boardsource because we are huge fans of the Corne, and have used them as main keyboards for a long time.

Our passion for portable travel-friendly items (who doesn't love small keyboards?) and the curiosity of what can be done with the low profile side of the market led to a beautiful final product.

Whether you want to try the Corne layout for the first time, or want to buy your 10th Corne, or maybe you want to try low profile switches, there is a new experience for everyone in this board.

Kailh Choc Hot Swap Compatible
Extremely low profile
Very portable
Large cable cutouts

Aluminum Low Profile Corne Case
Low Profile Corne PCBs
PCB Top Plates
Kailh Low Profile Keycap Set (white)
Rubber Feet (8)
Pro Micro (2)
TRRS jacks (2)
Reset switches (2)
M2 Screws (10 plus extras)
Diodes (42 plus extras)

GB End - 1 July
Estimate Shipping - September 2020

Not in Australia?
Boardsource (North America)
splitKB (Europe)
zFrontier (Asia)
Yusha Kobo (Japan)
Desk Hero (Canada)


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