Laser_Ninja 2x2 Switch Tester
Laser_Ninja 2x2 Switch Tester
Laser_Ninja 2x2 Switch Tester


Laser_Ninja 2x2 Switch Tester

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We understand it can be hard trying to workout which switch is best for you. There's so many options and words just don't cut it when discussing feel.

That's why Daily Clack has paired up with Laser_Ninja to bring you the 2x2 Switch Tester.

A transparent piece of 2x2 acrylic will sit your switches in place.

To help workout which switch will delight your fingers, you can get 9 BOX switches. There's also an add-on kit for a Retooled Cherry MX kit for $1.

You can get 4 of the same switch for $2 - just put which switch you're after in the notes when checking out.

In the kit
Laser_Ninja 2x2 Tester
4x Bump-on feet

9 BOX Switches
Linear - Black
Linear - Dark Yellow
Tactile - Royal
Tactile - Hako Royal Clear
Linear Clicky - White
Linear Clicky - Pale Blue
Linear Clicky - Pink
Linear Clicky - Navy
Linear Clicky - Jade

Retooled Cherry MX Switches
Linear - Black
Tactile - Brown
Clicky - Blue