[GB] KL-90 PC - Extras

[GB] KL-90 PC - Extras

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Macro column, custom 75% layout, mini OLED screen - how many more features can Kiko cram into this frosted PC board? The top face is the star of the show with the sides remaining clean and simple and an accent weight on the base.

Consistent mounting tabs around the plate keep a unified feeling typing experience across the board. The macro column has just enough keys for you to map your favourite memes or just good old media controls. The possibilities are endless.

GB ending - 31 May
Estimated Shipping - Q1 2022

6 degrees typing angle
Gasket mounted
QMK and VIA compatible PCB

PCB (Hotswap or Solder)
PC Case (Frosted Ice, Tiffany Blue, Midnight Black, Purple Haze) (OLED/Dual Encoder Variations)
PC Plate (Color Matched to Case)
Sandblasted Brass Badge
Sandblasted Encoder Knobs (Or single Knob + OLED)
Gasket Kit
2 x EC-12 Encoder OR 1 x EC-12 Encoder + OLED
Plate Foam

Not in Australia?
Prototypist (UK)
AshKeebs (CA)
zFrontier (CN)
Solderable Layout

Hotswap Layout

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